Expert Employment Law Advice

By: Mick O'Toole

A free service for employers who need help or advice on a staff related issue.

Running a business is not an easy job, with so many things to concentrate on: customers, suppliers, cash-flows, competitors and most of all your staff.

Often it’s the staff issues that can be the most time consuming and delicate. When you do get an employee problem you’ll need professional and accurate advice, you might also need support and a cost-effective solution, that’s where we can help.

An ideal alternative to the Labour Relations Agency

At Employer Advice Online, we offer expert advice based on the Labour Relations Agency codes of practice, exclusively for employers. Our advice team is available to you for FREE and instant access. We have a large department full of experienced experts from a great variety of industries and who understand that employers often need an immediate response to their issues.

We provide commercially based advice that is aimed at giving employers options as well as answers.

Free commercial Employment Law and HR advice without the jargon

Get a peace of mind that will save you time, money and worry

Unlike the LRA we do not represent or work on behalf of employees – so we’re on your side and we can provide a wide selection of services should you require them.

But if you are just looking for the answer to a specific question, you can speak to us completely FREE OF CHARGE and we will endeavor to provide the clearest possible guidance.

For immediate advice based on Labour Relations guidelines call Employer Advice Online now on 0844 372 4653.